Why choose Broker in times of no broker platforms ?

There are many website and application platform which are used to find the a property directly with owner nowadays with advent of technology, thus removing the bad intention of brokers with markup prices artificially.
Nowadays professional brokers try to get you best deal possible in fair market rate, instead of greed of little more money in commission. Generally Buyer-Owners have tendency to quote much higher or lower prices than current market rate, reason could be multiple like

1.They have purchases property in already higher prices and still try to get some benefit.
2.Not serious to sale property, just want to try their luck to get good deal.
3.Property is not renting out at good prices and they tried to sales it as well as in good profit.
4. Comparing prices using near by property, ignoring other factors.

We have seen after corona, owners still stick to old rent, some time just double in property listing websites and on no broker platforms. At later stage, on insist of broker, they have reduces their expectation at fair market rate.
Brokers always tries to get deal close at any cost and deals, most of times(90%), get closed at fair market prices. Only chances deal are getting closed at higher prices are due to lack of knowledge in buyer/broker and direct deal.
In short Brokers deals in Fair Market Price, only caveat choose your broker carefully and give him time to find a suitable property.

One the most common side effect is high brokerage charged by Brokers. Brokers still have tendency to earn money in single deals. We at sachanproperty.com , trying to solve this problem by charging a little brokerage only at seller side.

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