How to chooses a Good and Professional Real Estate Broker or Agent in India?

A good and professional broker, help you to find deal in fair market price along with other benefits , which are not available in direct dealing likes marketability of property in terms of legality and loan availability, legal documentation and loan process at door step, also act as escrow for initial token money.
However all these benefits are available only if you choose a good broker.

  • Avoid part-time or unprofessional broker, even they have RERA license. Getting a RERA license is no big deal in India.
  • Choose a broker who provide transparency in brokerage before hand. High and Opaque Brokerage amount directly propositional to greed of broker.
  • Broker specialized in specific geography and property type is much more knowledgeable and negotiate with stakeholder for fair market price.
  • First time property buyers in residential or commercial segment should always choose brokers. They help you to negotiate and all legal, loan related documentation in order to close deal.
  • Owners also should not put their contact details on property or signage for rent/ sale. Brokers always ignore these properties. Buyers contact without knowledge of broker after finalizing property and it cause either confusion or loss of business for Broker. Always remember, brokers spend lot of time, money and effort to market and show your property. Their listing and social media campaign cost them dearly. Either choose to market yourself or via brokers only.

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