Golden Rule to Get Maximum Bargain from Builders During Property Purchase.

Nowadays real estate is extremely costly and with narrowing margin, it becomes very hard to bargain with builder. However there are few steps and you can follow to get good bargain.

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Never disclose your fondness upfront with builder

You should avoid any fondness about property in front of builder immediately. Instead you can disclose preference with your broker and channel partner to get idea about discount.

Finalize unit of project before negotiate starts

Builder always prefers to negotiate, once client finalize the property, since each unit is project have different selling potential.

Show you financial worthiness for property

If you have noticed, after showing property, builder always talk about your financial background, job to judge your financial worthiness to communicate further. Once they believed in your worthiness, they become amendable to negotiation.

Before final negotiation, brought a cheque with you to show interest and get a in principal approval letter from bank of your choice. Usually these approvals are valid for three months and this letter shows your willingness to finalize property very soon.

Go through a Property Marketing Channel Partner

To get more discount and removed you headache for negotiation, go through a Marketing Channel Partner like from first enquiry. Builder readily give discount to clients, coming through property channel partner (given MCP work hard for you) . Since MCP, brought more clients to project where deal are easy to crack for end client as well as get future referral. However, MCP could not help you, if you already made direct enquiry with builder, these client are not considered from MCP sourcing, so MCP doesn’t have any rights in deal.

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